Using keyword research can expand the reach and visibility of any business trying to do business on the internet. It is also one of the most underused techniques for driving internet traffic. Keyword research is also a necessity for search engine optimization and pay-per-click campaigns.

Keyword research doesn’t only help with search engine visibility, but it also can open your eyes, as an entrepreneur, to complimentary markets, products, or services that you should be addressing. I’ve been able to find additional markets to promote as a compliment to my existing business. This allows me to make more money from each lead that I drive to my website.

There are 2 types of keyword research software: keyword suggestion tools and keyword analytical tools.

1. Keyword Suggestion Tools is one of the best keyword research tools available on the internet. It combines the Yahoo / Overture Keyword Research Search Tool with the Keyword Bidding Tool on One Screen. It tells you how much it would cost to be number one in the Overture Pay Per Click Search Sites in the left-hand screen, and the right-hand screen tells you how many times the keyword was searched for and the various other keywords that were searched containing that word.

The reason that I like and use so much is that it’s FREE to use AND I can view 2 key ingredients to find and target niche markets better. If I see that a keyword is searched for a lot, then I will play with various versions of it to find those keywords that allow me to get the best number of clicks for the cheapest amount of money. Thus, driving traffic to test sites to find out what my metrics are for my Google Adwords or Yahoo Overture Campaigns.

One of the best places to perform keyword research is the search engines themselves. I like using both and I find that since Google cleans their search engine and takes longer to index websites when I am dealing with instantly changing markets and information, I will rely on using,, and

2. Keyword Analytical Tools

There are also some Paid Keyword Research Tools that I use on a regular and almost daily basis. The most popular paid keyword research tool among search engine marketers is a software called WordTracker.Com. Wordtracker’s Keyword Research Guide is a useful collection of tips and techniques from some of the most respected search marketing practitioners working today. At first, I wasn’t sure whether paying the money that I paid was worth it or not. So I started with a One Day Trial. That turned into years of membership now for me. I would not want to do business on the internet without WordTracker.

You need third-party keyword research tools and resources to build and expand keyword lists for search engine marketing (SEM). Some SEM and search engine optimization (SEO) agencies have keyword research tools available only to their clients. Extensive keyword research seeks to harmonize your keyword choices with the search terms most used by your targeted visitors.

What about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)?

For best results, keyword research and analysis should be undertaken in consultation with an experienced search engine professional (SEP). They will help you to further use these tools to the deepest level possible to maximize your return on investment in pay-per-click advertising!! There are many things in life that you don’t try to do yourself, like being your doctor when you are sick or being your attorney when you are in trouble. SEO should be handled by professionals.

Remember: Keyword research is an integral and important part of your overall search engine optimization process.

Maximizing the use of keyword research and related tools will help you to:

– expand your visibility and revenue

– find you new and complementary markets

– lower your keyword pay per click cost

– increase your bottom line profits per campaign

Take Action & get going over to to start your basic keyword research and see how easy, fun, and profitable it can be!!